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Looking for a job in the pallet racking industry? Look no further!

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A Dedicated and Friendly Team

The team at Outer Space Installations are experts in the installation & maintenance of all warehouse storage systems, and boast over 30 years of collective experience. We do our best to create a friendly and nurturing environment for all new employees, and are ready to train any new hires on the ins and outs — no matter how familiar or unfamiliar you are with the industry.

We accept applications from anyone currently located in Victoria who has valid work rights in Australia, including those with a work or student visa.

Some daily tasks that we are prepared to train you in include:

  • Assembly and installation of racking frames
  • Drilling and anchoring
  • Installing beams
  • Driving machinery
  • Modifying / repairing / relocating racking
  • Core drilling & filling
  • Concrete grinding

For more information about us as a company, check the about page.

Pallet Racking Installations


We are very busy at the moment, and are willing to offer new employees 40+ hour weeks.

Under the usual circumstances, we start between 6 and 7 AM and finish between 2 and 3 PM. We work in warehouses (primarily in industrial areas) all over metropolitan Melbourne, so it helps — but it is not required — to have your own transport.

All pay rates are in line with the EBA – contact us for further information.

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